April Story of the Month Voting

Our April Issue is now complete, and we’re ready for you to decide the April Story of the Month. As always, the winning story will appear in the next semi-annual PDF and print issue.

Before you vote, be sure you’ve read all of our stories.

Voting will close at the end of the month.


March Story of the Month Results

This month we again used combined votes and page views to determine our winner. Once again, our winner led the way in both page views and votes. Here is the final tally of results:

1st: The Stana Yurich Snatching by Refe Tuma

2nd: Blood Related by Wyl Villacres

3rd: The Somethings by Stefanie Lyons

4th: The Ninja by Delancey Steward

5th: Waste Management by J.M. Miller

6th: The Last Haircut by Daniel Joseph Giovinazzo

7th: Marrying the Condiments by Matthew Dexter

8th: Conventional Moors by Damon Barta

9th: Muted by Christopher T Garry


Thanks to everyone who voted or read our stories this month. We’ll have our first April story up soon.